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So…what’s new in marketing strategies?

Not sure? Think about these questions for a minute…

Are your hands full just managing day to day business activities and employees?

When is the last time you sought out the best new marketing tools for your business?

Do you have time to be a social media guru?

Do you understand the latest trends and marketing strategies?

As a local marketing consultant, it’s my job to keep up with new marketing trends, tools, and strategies so you don’t have to.  Imagine what your “business” life could be like if you knew that someone who really understands your business was using the most efficient tools and the most effective marketing strategies to showcase what you do?   If marketing really isn’t your forté, think of how relieved you would be not having to “deal” with it all but you know its getting done! You know it because more customers are coming through the door!  The phone is ringing off the hook.  Your appointment book is full!

I would like to work with you to figure out where the best opportunities are for your business, map out the best marketing strategies, then figure out an execution plan that fits your schedule and your staff, whether it’s with tools, automation, training your staff, or outsourcing.


If you have a successful product or service, a staff of at least 3-4 people, an email list and a website, then we have a great place to start working together. If you’re a startup and need all of those things,  no problem. I’ll get you going.

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