Google’s Top 3 Ranking Signals

What Are The Top 3 Ranking Signals Used by Google?

The winners are:  Content, Links, and Rankbrain!

What is rankbrain?

Don’t know what Rankbrain is?

Rankbrain, you say?  What the heck is Rankbrain?  It might be a little scary when you really think about it but it’s where machine learning meets artificial intelligence.  It helps Google deliver the answers to the questions we ask.  Thank goodness we’re not at the point where a machine can be as intelligent as a human.  At least I don’t think we are.

Rather than me trying to explain Rankbrain, the Search Engine Land website has a great article that explains it all really well.  In fact, is one of my favorite sources of information for what’s going on in the world of the internet.

Google’s ultimate message to us is this: Just put good, relevant content out there. If there are people out there wanting to know about it, you’ll be rewarded in search.   My suggestion is to write about specific things that you know and understand. Explain it, teach it, share it.

Click here the Search Engine Land article explaining Rankbrain.


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