Email Marketing

Email Marketing Is Not Dead!

That’s right.  It’s not dead.  It’s in the top 4 most effective marketing strategies for local businesses.  Oh, but will they open your email?  Yes, if it’s interesting enough!

There are lots of reasons for email marketing. For one, its a lot less expensive to market to existing fans than to get new ones, so use email marketing to stay in touch with your customers.  Use it to further your relationship with your customers.  Much of it can be automated and it can become a valuable source of income.  No excuses!

No list?  Start one yesterday.  It can be a very valuable digital asset.

Don’t know where to start?   This is where I come in.  I’ll start by helping you choose the appropriate email service provider. There are several good ones to choose from. I’ll then help you set up and segment your list and develop your opt-in forms.  We then decide on a strategy of communication with your customers – your auto-response sequence – and what we want to accomplish with it.  We then put everything into place and let it do the work for you.



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